Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 7: Take 1, 003: The Eagle Has Landed

OK, here's one screencast that needs some revision, but we do have sound!!
My Progress is s-l-0 -w today.

I liked that Todd described these "mistakes" as "pieces of paper". However, the pressure is there to create something good and creative. This isn't it, but it is good enough for today!

Learning to Apply Technology takes time, perseverance, patience and a lot of help from friends. Add the fact that most ten years olds can do this in 15 mintues and my degrees seem like those pieces of paper.


Week 7: Screencast with Sound

Here is a very mediocre screencast with sound. After 4 tries of trying to do something with substance, this is the only one would get sound.

Thanks to Todd, Lori and Tina for help and suggestions. Some of us just have a electronic vortex that sabotages electronic systems.


Week 7: Screencast: Introduction to the VLC

Here is my screencast


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 7 - Appying Technology

July 14, 2009

Today, besides learning to do an audio (with help !), I applied what we have learned in a very personal way, and I was convinced by one of our instructors to add this to my blog.

During my lunchtime, the nurses in a skilled care center where my mom is living, SKYPED me for a medical update. It was their first time to use SKYPE and they were rather jazzed! Over 2,000 miles away, I could use what I've learned to help them get the video running and we moved into the future. I think it is very progressive of them to be using this technology in a nursing home! I'm sharing this with you, as it may spark an idea or two for you EDU 255ers.

WeeeeeeK 7! Audio

Amy Welcomes You to the Verde Learning Center!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week 6: Stopping by Net, A Poem


I invited as many friends from class as I could . I have tried ten times to get this published onto my blog. Linda is my witness!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WEEK 6: Creating Me on YOUTUBE

I am so glad it is Week Six. I really enjoy the class, but it is really difficult for me to keep up and maintain what I have learned.

This week I signed into a Webcast that I learned about through my Learning Center Assistance list serve. (A List serve might be considered a SNS for people of the same profession. )
The Webcast was given by two Canadian educators and over 200 people logged in. One could view who had logged in, eventually, there was a thumbnail photo of the two speakers and a screen where participants could write comments. This comment space was intriging, as it seemed more like a place to "pass notes". About 75% of the time, Participants were making comments unrelated to what the speaker was saying!! At one point, even one of the speakers was writing a comment as he was talking to all 200+ participants (we could hear the key clicking). It was easy to sign in to participate and another new experience in technology. Thanks for taking this class,I was impressed that I could understand what the speakers were talking about! Great to be able to connect with so many educators from around the world in one hour. I do think we need to really use the time to focus on one topic and save the social contacts for "after class". Am I a dinosaur?? What do you think?

Then, we had the YouTube assignment. Well, Tina, Lori, Linda and I couldn't figure out where to start. With some help, we learned by Tuesday. I went home to recored using my iMAC only to discover that my video wouldn't sync with my audio. I tried downloading MP3, but that didnt' seem to work. I did get the video made. I wrote a poem and dedicated it to YOU, my awesome classmates and instructors, who have prevailed with me throughout the course. I did post it on my wiki, but here it is (I hope) for you so see in my blog. I'll try below!